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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

So I was looking and looking for the perfect cleaning caddy ideally I wanted an acrylic one but I could not find it or it doesn't exist. So I decided to go with a standard Kmart caddy for $9 and customise it myself. So what I have done is!

I have used two SUNNERSTA containers from Ikea ($1.99) to hang off the edges for cloths and brushes etc. On the bottom I have the narrow clear Kmart Drawer ($3) for all the cleaning bottles and products so they don't fall over and fit neatly in. Then sitting in the drawer I have used an acrylic pencil holder from Officeworks ($8.99) to store my dish brush and supersonic scrubber.

This system works well for me so I just stock up my caddy with what I need to tackle each room/area in my home. '

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Tash x


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