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Updated: May 8, 2019

I have been fortunate to travel a lot so I have become a pro packer. Now I am packing for three people so it can get a bit overwhelming. The first thing I do is write a list, and as I pack I tick it off.

We are off to Hawaii in November it is my sons first overseas holiday and I am so excited! We have a family photo shoot organised so I have not been on a holiday for a while so I am very keen to pack some great outfits. Whenever I travel I layout all my clothe son the bed so I can get a visual of what I am packing.

When going to a hot climate there are a few essentials that I ensure I pack.

- Sunglasses (I usually pack 3-4 pairs)

- Beach Towel (I like to bring my own)

- Candle (I love having a candle burning in m room of a night while I am relaxing on a holiday)

- Bikini

- Denim Shorts

- Beach Dress

- Tees & Tanks

- Open Toe Wedges

- Beach Bag

- Hat

- Sun Tan Lotion & Oil

- Lip Balm

- Active Wear (for gym, walks, hikes etc)

- Skincare (moisturisers, cleansers etc)


- Phone Charger

- IPad

- Passport

Kmart Packing Cubes are a Must!

Carry On:

I always carry a carry on especially now that I have a baby I will have a small bag on wheels for myself and my Gucci nappy bag for Cruz. It is so important to pack the essentials you amy need for onboard your flight. The following are in my carry on.

- Moisturiser & Eye Cream

- Gum

- Antibacterial Wipes or Hand Sanitiser

- iPad

- My Diary

- Phone and iPad Charger

- Small Cosmetic Case

- Passport & Travel Documents

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