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Updated: May 23, 2019

I’m a huge believer in travelling in style! Most people that know me know that I usually get quite dressed up for a flight. I have been doing it for so long that I don't know any different. When I was young my mum ensured that the four of us always dressed well for flights and that my sister and I had our matching Juicy Couture track suits to change into mid flight. I have continued to do this in my 20's I always love to make sure I have a great outfit to travel in as well as feeling comfortable for the flight.

Treat the airport as your fashion runway. I always take so much pride in my airport look it is always great to travel to a new place feeling sexy and stylish. Even if I am going for a more comfortable option I will pair my outfit with a great designer tote and an awesome pair of sunglasses! Depending on my mood my airport looks vary. Sometimes I will opt for a great pair of skinny jeans a blazer and a killer point heel or a pair of bf jeans, a pair of converse and a great cashmere jumper.

Tash x


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