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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Having your first baby is hard and it is important to be organised and prepared. It is important to have all the newborn essentials for the first few months. I have written a guide to get ready for your new baby and what to buy. Every baby is completely different so please remember this is just a guide based on my personal experience as a new mum. I hope it helps!

Cot or Bassinet: Everyone is different it is important to do what you think is best for your bub. I had Cruz in a Bloom Alma Mini Crib in our room until he was 6 months old. I purchased the mini crib from 'Save our Sleep' after reading Tizzie Halls book. Once he was 6 months old I transitioned him into his Boori cot, in his own room.

Mattress and Mattress Protector: It is important that your cot mattress is firm and should fit snugly with no more than two fingers width between the edges of the mattress and the cot side. I went with an 100% organic cotton mattress, for both cots. I went with SIDS approved mattress protectors for my cots. They are vital to protect the mattress from poo, wee and vomits.

Blankets and Cot Sheets: It is important to have at least 2 sets. I went with plain white and organic cotton sheets. And as far as blankets went I always used the brand "Little Bamboo" Heirloom blankets which are 100% organic cotton and so soft.

Cot Mobile & White Noise: I found our cot mobile to be a life saver as when Cruz didn't have day time naps in the beginning. I could put him in his crib and he would love to just watch it move. This allowed me to shower! As far as white noise goes. For the first few weeks of having Cruz at home he was very unsettled at night. I tried SO many things and spent a fortune trying to find a solution to comfort him when he slept. What worked for us was "Ewan the Dream Sheep. Ewan is soft and cuddly and can be used as a hand held toy or can be attached to the cot side. He has gentle womb, rain or musical sounds and has a gentle pink glowing light in his chest. Ewan's actual heartbeat/womb sound combinations mimic the noise babies hear in the womb and helps ease the transition from womb to world. (Award winning baby sleep aid)

Baby Monitor: I went with the Oricom Video Monitor with the Pan Tilt Camera. The camera features a fully motorised movement, controlled through the parent unit with 300 degree horizontal and 110 degree vertical movement for better visibility in the nursery. It also includes a room temperature display and alert, infrared night-vision capability, night light and lullabies. Monitors aren't essential but its great to have to keep an eye on your bub whilst they are sleeping. I found my monitor gave me peace of mind, especially if you have a big house!

Changing Table & Covers: I purchased a Boori change table for Cruz's nursery. It has been a life saver having it. It is a great place to store so many of your baby products like, nappies, creams, wipes, bibs etc. As far as covers go I bought two to try and limit my washing incase one gets dirty due to or an unexpected wee or a poo explosion and believe me, they happen! However if a changing table is not in your budget you can always change your bub on your bed. These days you can purchase them reasonably priced at places like IKEA.

Digital Thermometer: It is really important to check the temperature of your babies room, so you know how to appropriately dress them, I recommend the Avent Thermometer (comes in blue and pink) This can be used in the room and bath.

Swaddles/Sleeping Bags: Every baby is different when it comes to swaddling, some prefer to have their arms free. Some sleep better wrapped up tight and cosy. I personally loved and used the "Wrap in a Wrap" from Save our Sleep in the very beginning. Cruz was a very strong baby and no matter how firmly I swaddled he could get out, and would wake up. Once he was older I transitioned him into the "Love to Dream" sleeping bags. Which are fantastic and highly recommend!

Baby Carrier: A lot of women find these great, I purchased one and used it twice, It just wasn't for me. Thats not to say I won't use it again. They are very handy for doing your grocery shopping as you can carry your bub whilst pushing your trolley. As well as travelling, very tactical for getting around airports with bugs. The two brands I recommend are Baby Bjorn and Ergo Baby.

Carseat: I used a Britax capsule in the beginning and when Cruz was 4 months old I purchased the Britax Millennia car seat. This seat is suitable from birth until 4 years of age. Personally I think the capsule was a waste of money and suggest purchasing a carseat from the beginning, I found the capsule too heavy.

Nappy Bag: I splurged and got the Gucci baby bag, I love absolutely it! However this is so not necessary and slightly over the top, but hey I am over the top! There are great nappy bags out there to choose from. As long as it fits all your essentials your good to go!

Pram: There are so many options when it comes to purchasing your pram. I decided to go with a Bugaboo Cameleon. I use this day to day and find it fantastic. I love it! However when travelling I use my Baby Zen YoYo which is easy and light, it is on the pricey side but if you travel a lot it is so worth it!

Pram Toys: Pram toys are fantastic, they create a distraction for your bub for when your out and about and have stuff to do.

Clothes: Baby clothes are probably one of the most exciting things to buy when you are expecting your baby. I went completely overboard with Cruz and spent a fortune on clothes that he didn't even end up wearing. As a new mum you are so tired that you don't even have the energy to dress them in cute outfits every day. Not to mention how fast they grow! So what you need is practical and simple. I have learnt my lesson for when baby number two comes. No more designer baby clothes for newborns!

  • Socks & Bibs

  • Beanies & Mittens: Cruz was born in January so I didn't use beanies or mittens. these items of clothing will depend on your climate.

  • Singlets: I made sure that no matter the climate Cruz always wore a singlet under his clothes. I made sure I had at least 7 singlets for every day of the week (to try and limit the washing) I went with the brand Bonds. I purchases 7 of 0000, 000, 00 and 0, in basic white. - I recommend the singlets that clip up underneath their nappy. You will find the singlets without clips slide up very easily.

  • Growsuits: Newborns live in these for months and it was something I didn't buy too many of. When Cruz was born ended up doing huge Bonds and Pure Baby orders for grow suits. I love Bonds Wondersuits. They have built in socks and mittens which is so practical for newborns. And are super easy to change a nappy. Cruz is 6 months old and still wears a Wondersuit to sleep every night.

Bottles: (if you are bottle feeding or expressing) Anti-colic, slow flow teats are the way to go for newborns. Sometimes it is a good idea to buy a couple of types and see which one works best for your baby as every baby is different.

Breast Pump: (you can rent this, if this is not in your budget) I used the Avent electric breast pump and found it fantastic, highly recommend this one!

Sterilser: I purchased the Avent electric steriliser. It has a fast 6 minute cycle with automatic shut-off. It's features include a small size configuration for sterilising soothers, medium size configuration for breast pumps and a large size configuration for sterilising 6 x 330ml AVENT bottles. It also has an integrated dishwasher basket for hassle free pre-cleaning. I found this sterilser great but there are a few great ones on the market. It all comes down to personal preference and the type of bottles you use.

Bottle Warmer: This is not necessary but can be useful if you are expressing. I used the Avent bottle warmer for Cruz's bottles.

Nursing Chair: I love having a rocking chair in my nursery. It was so convenient for breast feeding, expressing and just great for rocking Cruz to sleep or giving him a bottle throughout the night. A nursing chair is not in every everybodies budget and they can be quite pricey. But if it is I highly recommend one.

Burping Cloths: I used cloth nappies I purchased from Baby Bunting as burping cloths and they worked amazingly.

Dummies (This is a personal preference, for mother and bub)

Baby Nail Scissors: Babies nails grow so fast and it is important to cut them as they can scratch themselves. If you are too nervous to clip them you can always use a nail file.

Baby Panadol: This is always great to have on hand in case of your baby falling ill, but remember to always follow directions on the label.

Bubble Bath/Baby Oil/Powder/Shampoo & Moisturiser: I used the brand Burts Bees. The baby range is fantastic and great for delicate babies skin. The products are 100% natural, effective and safe. They smell great, however you can get fragrance free in some products if you prefer. I love that all their products have been tested by paediatricians and are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Wash Cloths & Towels. I recommend the brand Little Bamboo. Viscose from Bamboo is the perfect super-soft fabric for snuggling and drying your baby after bath time, and especially good for newborn or sensitive skin. It is also fast absorbent.

Cotton Balls & Cotton Tips: These are used for cleaning your babies belly button. Ears and eyes.

Baby Bath: Again, this is not essential and if you feel confident to bathe your baby in your own bath that is great. Personally I loved my baby bath and stand. It made bathing Cruz easy and comfortable. A great option too is a bath cradle/ramp for your buba to lie on in the bath for support.

Baby Wipes: I recommend alcohol and fragrance free wipes as babies skin is super sensitive. I found the brand Gaia great, and they are organic.

Nappy Rash Cream: You might need to trial different creams and see what works best for your baby. I started using Sudocrem from the beginning and so far has worked great for Cruz, he has very sensitive skin. I also use Burts Bees nappy rash cream which also is great as I have said previously I love their range!

Newborn Nappies: I suggest that you don't purchase too many newborn nappies as they grow out of them so fast. Especially having a boy I went up to the next size quite early. I used Huggies and still do, they are fantastic!

Nappy Sacks: There is nothing worse then a nappy smelling out your rubbish bin. Especially if you are visiting a friends house. I highly recommend these, awesome invention!

Play Mat (for tummy time)

Toys: With newborn toys it is crucial that you always make sure they are soft and safe from birth. I personally love the brands. Lamaze, Playgro and Tiny Love, when it comes to babies toys.

Baby Bouncer: This was one of the best things I ever bought Cruz. He played in it, napped in it. And when he first started solids I fed him in it. I purchased the Baby Bjorn bouncer with the detachable toy. There are so many different styles on the market and it all comes down to personal preference. This particular bouncer comes in a variety of different colours. This particular bouncer is suitable from newborn (minimum weight 3.5 kg) and can be used up to the age of 2 years old.


Breast Pads

Maternity Pads

Nipple Cream

Nursing Pillow

Baby Bunting always has sales so sign up to their newsletter online. Also if you sign up in store you receive 5% off every purchase!

If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me. I would love some feedback on how useful this guide was. Please message me for advice anytime. I would love to help as much as I can.

Tash x

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