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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

I had so much fun designing my son Cruz's nursery. I really wanted to go with an a neutral theme but still include hints of colour. It is so important to have a cosy yet fun environment for you baby. As it can be particularly hard adjusting to sleeping in their own room.

If you've seen how organised my fridge is then I'm sure you can understand that this level of OCD extends to organising our wardrobes. I am obsessed with drawer partitions and baskets to organise Cruz's clothes, blankets, bibs etc. When it came to the hanging space in Cruz's wardrobe I ordered children's white wooden hangers, just as I have in my own wardrobe. Before Cruz's arrival his clothing was firstly separated into and sizes and styles. He has grown so rapidly and now his 0000-00 clothing is neatly stored in clear labeled containers at the bottom of his wardrobe. His clothing items are now arranged by style. As well as housing the essentials such as nappies and wipes Cruz's change table also stocks a range of lotions and potions, all stored in partition boxes. A recent addition to the nursery was Cruz's cot mobile, along with playing classical lullabies it also projects stars and colourful animal friends on to the ceiling.

The final touch were greyscale cloud wall stickers, I love the thought of my baby boy dreaming amongst the clouds.

Below is a list of items in Cruz's nursery.

Cot: Boori

Change Table Boori

Drawers: Boori

Nursing Chair: Adairs

Shelves: Fantastic Furniture

Pillow: Hermes

Giraffe: Toys r Us

Drawer Organisers: Ikea & Sheridan

Coat Hangers: My Coat Hangers

Hot Air Balloon: Misses Bonnie

Giant Peter Rabbit: Misses Bonnie

Toy Net: Baby Bunting

Birth Sign: Chico and Chica

Designing Cruz's nursery brought me so much joy and I already cant wait to redesign it as he grows and his needs change.

I have attached a few photos of Cruz's nursery, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Tash x

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