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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

I just received this 1.0 Tog sleeping bag for Cruz from Love to Dream. This 1.0 Tog sleeping bag has a built in quilted blanket so it is ideal for moderate temperatures. The love to dream sleeping bags are Cruz's absolute favourite and all have an 100% cotton lining and outer for breath ability. They are all machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. This particular sleeping bag is great as it has short sleeves which is great for the Gold Coast temperature. It also has built in legs and grips on the feet which is great for active babies and toddlers. Love to Dream have a 3 stage sleep system. Swaddling, transition from swaddling and independent sleep.

Keeping your baby safe whilst sleeping is so important that's why I choose Love to Dream products to ensure that my baby is safe and comfortable! I am so paranoid about Cruz pulling covers over his face so I don't use blankets, only the Love to Dream sleeping bags to keep him warm at night. I also follow their clothing guideline on how to dress him in it, depending on the temperature. I wouldn't use any other brand these are absolutely fantastic! All, Love to Dream products are INPAA approved! Thank you Love to Dream, Cruz loved his sleeping bag. And so do I as I get a great nights sleep when Cruz is cosy in his sleeping bag!

Love & Luck NS X

What Love to Dream Has to Offer:

Stage 1: 0-4 Months Swaddling

Stage 2: 4-8 Months Transition From Swaddling

Stage 3: 4-36 Months Independent Sleep

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