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Updated: May 9, 2019

I think a lot of the time as a mum and partner we forget about ourselves. When we have children they become our priority and as important as the are it is so important not to neglect ourselves. As mothers we need to find a healthy balance. Lately I have not been taking the opportunities to rest and recharge. I feel self indulgent dedicating even twenty minutes to myself to shower or put my feet up. I have had to completely fall apart physically and mentally to realise that I am only human and I too require sleep and nourishment. How can I possibly be the mother and loving partner I set out to be when I am burning the candle at both ends. I need to nurture my body and mind, taking the time out I need to feel balanced.

I may appear as though I have it together, am super organised and on top of everything. But I can assure you that there are times when my kids are napping I just sit in my bed and cry. There are mornings I wake up after no sleep and am like how am I going to get through the day. Sometimes I'll be unloading the dishwasher and just start sobbing. We are all human so we will all go through these days no matter how much we love our kids its hard.

It is so easy to be consumed in other things as a mum. I go through every day worrying about completing different jobs I have around the house, getting a blog done, putting all the washing away and making sure everything is clean and tidy. If I am been totally honest sometimes I am so caught up in having a perfect clean home and an organised house that I neglect my kids. It's just five simple words I need to start telling myself.


I don't want to look back and think I had a clean house but missed precious moments in my kids lives. For someone like me who struggles with mess and disorganisation it is a challenge, I need to work on daily. I sometimes find myself tidying up toys while the kids are STILL playing with them and ill stop and be like what am I doing? I am slowly working on it. But it takes time but I need to realise a little mess is okay and the dishes can wait. In saying all this you have to find a balance as the house hold needs to run smoothly too. I am slowly finding that balance, its a work in progress.

I spend hours planning my kids snacks and meals. Hundreds of dollars on fresh organic produce. But then I feed myself takeaway and drink endless cans of Pepsi max. I talk about how I wont let my kids touch sugar and wont let them eat any crap whatsoever but I am feeding myself crap? How hypocritical am I? As soon as one of the kids is the slightest bit ill I rush to the doctor. But when I am so unwell that I can barley walk my thoughts are "Il be sweet, its all good, or I don't have the time" What I need to be doing is setting an example and for my kids to see me nourishing my body and practicing self care. What I am currently doing has to change. I need to change, I need to reevaluate. My immune system is weak. I am getting sick too regularly, my body is full of eczema for the first time since I was 10. I am having horrific anxiety and am constantly exhausted. These are not signs of a healthy mum.

My plan is to start by feeding my body well, exercising and occasionally indulging in some pampering. When I say "Pamper Yourself" it could be as simple as a bubble bath, a glass of wine on the deck or taking the time to apply some makeup and brush our hair. Or it could mean a mani pedi, deluxe facial, having a drink with a girlfriend or even just watching a movie in your sweats and eating a bag of maltesers. I am starting to realise how important it is to treat myself as well. Since having my car accident I am currently without a car so I am forced to walk everywhere. This is a blessing in disguise not only will it be good for my mind and get me out of the house. But it will help me shed the rest of my stubborn baby weight. A win win!

On of my all time favourite things to do is to have a relaxing bath, with candles, bubbles and a good book. I don't get to do this every night but I am going to make sure that at least once a week I allow myself to indulge in a relaxing bath. Its the little things that help.

I am trying so hard to find balance and as someone who needs to be super organised it is hard. Being a mother is hard work its incredible don't get me wrong, so rewarding and I absolutely love it, but it is full on. I live in another state to my parents and siblings who I am extremely close to so I don't have that can you pop over and watch the kids while I duck out? Or can I drop the kids to you so I can have a lunch with a friend? I am on my own a lot and it gets lonely there isn't a lot of time I get to myself. But no more excuses I am going to make time!

If you are not looking after yourself and been the best you, your ability to look after your children will be impacted.This is why it is so important to look after yourself, you need to feel your best so intern you’re able to give your best to your family. If mum is out of action it’s like being on a sinking ship. SO be kind to yourselves and if your having a crappy day today remember tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start.

Self Care Tips:

A bubble bath with candles

Mani Pedi

Reading a magazine with a cup of tea

Giving the kids to hubby for a few hours when the time is right to give you a break

Getting your hair done

A drink with a friend

Eat well (nourish your body with good and healthy food)

Go for a walk or go to the gym (lots of gyms have creches)



Play your favourite music and dance while you cook (I do this, its a release for me and entertains the kids)

What is going to be the few things you do every week for self care?

Tash x

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