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Updated: May 23, 2019

How Comfort has Become the Latest Fashion Trend “Athleisure”

These days designer and stylish athletic wear has become the latest trend better known as “Athleisure”. It is becoming apart of our every day wardrobe and I absolutely love it. We have the most amazing athletic wear to choose from and it keeps getting better and better, as we've seen all designers take on the trend in their collections. Mixing your every day fashion pieces with athletic wear is a super stylish yet comfortable look. There is nothing more then I love then effortless style! How great is the idea of looking fashionable and yet been super comfortable at the same time?

Now everyone from Gigi Hadid to Victoria Beckham has fallen into the trend of Athleisure. It is now acceptable to be in your work out clothes all day as you can go from the gym to lunch by adding a great oversized tote, a pair of sunglasses, a shirt tied around your waist or a great leather jacket. I love the idea of mixing sporting apparel with other items of clothing. I am absolutely obsessed with wearing a boy-friend jean with a sling bag heel paired with an Adidas trefoil tee. Such a simple outfit but so effective and stylish. Tracksuits and heels, sneakers and dresses, baseball caps with jeans, fur coats with gym tights it’s all-acceptable and looks fantastic!

I have always been in to wearing work out apparel all day. I love been comfortable and work out wear is so durable and comfortable. Now that I am a new mum I am enjoying it even more so I love feeling comfortable but still feeling stylish. There is nothing more that I love to wear then a pair of great tights, a Yankee cap, a great vest, sneakers and a fabulous designer tote. Athleisure is a trend that is growing rapidly fast, is becoming more and more popular, it isn’t just a fad it's here to stay!

Love & Luck

NS xx

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