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,608 views. 5 - The Earth Swallowing Jupiter By Ron Miller Book Review. 48 - The Earth Swallowing Jupiter By Ron Miller Goodreads. The author has more. The Earth Swallowing Jupiter By Ron Miller.Q: Javascript - Prototype js library - Extend - Write shared functionality I'm using the Prototype.js library for a project. I'm trying to simplify a method in a prototype I created called tagDate that creates a key/value pair in an object that will be stored in a database. If I have: var SomeObj = { data1 : "data1", data2 : "data2", data3 : "data3" } And then a code of: SomeObj.tagDate = function(key,value) { this[key] = value; The problem is that if I have a list of tagDate calls like: SomeObj.tagDate("data1","a"); SomeObj.tagDate("data2","b"); SomeObj.tagDate("data3","c"); If I do: SomeObj.tagDate.tagDate("data1","a"); It creates 2 entries in the object like: This will result in an object like: SomeObj.data1 = "data1" SomeObj.data2 = "data2" I'm trying to figure out how to write a "shared" function that can be called by all of the tagDate methods. What I'd like it to look like is this: SomeObj.tagDate.tagDate("data2","b"); SomeObj.tagDate.tagDate("data3","c"); And then the object to be: SomeObj.data3 = "data3" So when I call it, it doesn't create 2 entries. I tried: SomeObj.tagDate.tagDate = function(key,value) { But I keep getting "this.tagDate is not a function" I'm thinking there's something I'm missing




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Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani Pdf Novels Free 74 ginraf

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