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Updated: May 23, 2019

We don’t have a play room in our house so I have most of my kids toys in the downstairs living room. I want them to have everything they love also to be able to also hide it when we have guests etc. I purchased 8 cube storage unit and the baskets from Kmart to store small toys like trains, toy cars etc I have given up categorising each cube as it is just not maintainable until my boys are older and understand where things go. This system was super affordable as the cube shelves were only $35 and the baskets were $10 each. Above my cube shelf I have two shelves from ikea that are actually meant for photo frames but work really well for books. They are at a certain height so Cruz cant reach them and tear them up.

I found the gorgeous blue play mat from Munchkin and Bear it goes well with our living room decor and I love navy. It is also super soft and double sided. The white teepee is from Mocka which is also fantastic for hiding and storing toys. Hudson is so obsessed I always find him in there playing, it is super sturdy, made from a durable cotton and very affordable.

The storage chests are from Adairs they are great. I was so excited when I discovered them. I store the boys educational games, books and puzzles in one of them and bulkier toys in the other. They work perfectly with our living room decor and are fantastic quality. The puzzles are kept in A4 document holders from Kmart. This works amazingly as it keeps all the pieces together.

In my Activities Cupboard I store the kids stationary etc and any toys that are in sets or have large quantities. These are stored in Kmart pantry rollers and labelled with LIttle Label Co labels.

Use my code NATASHA10 for 10% off Little Label Co (labels only)

Tash x


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