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Updated: Jun 15, 2019

So as you are all aware I am quite obsessed with cleaning and have been for as long as I can remember. I thought it would wear off when I had kids but it hasn’t. All that has changed is I have less time to clean. What I have done since the day I had my first son is have created a cleaning schedule. I have allocated specific jobs for every day of the week so I don’t get overwhelmed and the cleaning doesn’t build up. I also have every day tasks as well as jobs that are done less frequently such as cleaning out my washing machine etc. I’m not going to lie to you guys I do have a cleaner once a fortnight to help give my house a once over. Jett generously offered it while I was pregnant. Been practically bedridden for 9 months made it impossible for me to keep up with housework, I could barley look after my child. They come in a team of two for an hour and a half, give the house a good vacuum and mop, clean the bathrooms and change the beds etc. But I still follow my schedule as they only come once a fortnight. In saying this I do the majority myself and would prefer to do it all. But the extra help means more time with my babies and that once a fortnight really helps out. I do prefer a chemical free household but in saying that I’m not going to lie and say I don’t use any at all. Some things just need certain products. Obviously the less the better and I am slowly finding alternatives to things. But its not an overnight job you need to trial products and see what works for you. The other thing is we all have different surfaces and materials in our homes everything I use might not work for you so always do a test patch or trial on a small area.

Carpet Spot Cleaning:

I have two children under 2 and a half so this is my go to! I clean carpet stains on a regular basis and have finally found what I call “magic in a bottle” Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover ($8) This product comes with a brush attached to remove odours and stubborn stains. Always do a test patch first and leave for 30 minutes to make sure it works for you. I buy mine from Coles or Woolworths

Glass and Mirrors:

I use to be a huge fan and have a big obsession with Windex. I admit I still own a bottle and will use occasionally it. However I have discovered the White Magic Eco Cloth for windows and Glass. This guys, is a game changer in my cleaning routine. This cloth is amazing for cleaning smudges, buffing surfaces, and leaving your surfaces shiny and streak free. It is also fantastic for stainless steel. Once it gets a little shabby you just throw it in the washing machine and it comes out good as new. It lasts up to 500 machine washes! ($9.95) I also love the White Magic Eco Clean Window And Glass Spray ($7.95) Again it is natural free of toxic chemicals and a great way to clean shiny surfaces such as glass, polished timber and metal. Love, Love, Love it! Both products I purchased from Howards Storage World

Stove Top:

So I cannot be bothered to whatsoever to scrub my cast iron hot plates so I put them straight in the dishwasher whenever they get grubby. My dishwasher is quite powerful so they come out good as new! As far as my stovetop goes I use White Magic Eco Clean Oven & Cooktop ($7.95) spray and it’s incredible! This product is suitable for ceran, ceramic, stainless steel, ovens and cooktops. I love it for so many reasons not only does it work amazingly and keep my cook top looking shiny and new. It also has no harsh chemicals, is palm oil free, contains natural citrus oil (so smells great) is biodegradable and gets rid of grease and oil. As far as I'm concerned it doesn’t get much better! I purchased mine from Howards Storage World

Cleaning Your Microwave:

So we have all had microwave explosions and splashes by not covering something properly or overheating something. If you don’t clean it at the time it will get sticky and be very difficult to get out that you just leave it. I have a super simple solution I have been doing this since I moved into my first apartment when I was 23. Use a microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of white vinegar and a cup of water. I then put it on high for 5-8 minutes. The microwave will quickly steam up and the muck will soften which makes it super easy to wipe. I then use my White Magic Eco Kitchen Cloth to wipe it all up ($10.95) As far as the outside goes I use the White Magic Eco Stainless Steel cloth to give it a wipe down, works amazingly.

Cleaning the Toaster:

Only recently I discovered that toasters have a tray to empty out the crumbs. All this time I have been tipping and shaking it. You learn something new every day! So the begin with switch off and unplug your toaster. Even though I have discovered the tray I still tip it and give it a good bang. So empty the tray, and then shake it out! Once I have gotten as much crap out on the counter I use my handheld Hoover dust buster to vacuum everything up! Then I wipe the exterior with the White magic Eco Window & Glass spray ($7.95) Again everyones toasters are made of different material so please use what is suited for yours.

Disinfect the Sink:

I love to go to bed and wake up with a nice clean kitchen and sink! So every night I use the Pure Home Body disinfectant spray ($25). I give the sink a really good spray, leave for 5-10 minutes and then wipe! It smells amazing, leaves the sink shiny and ready for the next day.

Clean the Dishwasher:

This is a task I like to do once a fortnight I CANNOT stand a smelly dishwasher, specifically an eggy smelling dishwasher. I cannot drink water out of a glass in a cafe due to this! SO start by emptying it and cleaning any gunk or food out of the drain. Place a cup of white vinegar (in a dishwasher safe glass) on the top rack, this removes any grease and odour. Finally I sprinkle bi-carb soda my "BFF" along the bottom of the dishwasher. This will leave it looking very shiny and clean. So once you have done both of these run your dishwasher on a short hot cycle and VOILA!

Cleaning the Fridge:

Firstly I remove all the food out of the fridge and start with emptying and rinsing all my containers. I fill the sink with warm water and dishwashing soap and leave these parts to soak before wiping and rinsing while I tackle the rest. I start by spraying the Organic Multi Purpose ($5.50) cleaner all through the fridge I give the entire fridge a generous spray and a good thorough wipe down with a Sabco microfibre cloth. I then spray the entire fridge down with Pure Home Body disinfectant spray ($25) and leave for 5 minutes. I don't like to leave it on for too long as I don't like to leave the food out of the fridge. After the 5 minutes I wipe down with paper towel leaving i super fresh and smelly great! Before I place the food back in the fridge I pop a small container of bi-carb soda at the back on the bottom shelf to absorb any strong odours that may arise.

Cleaning Your Front Loader:

Has anyone every pulled out the detergent tray in a front loader? Don't like what you see? Washing machines if not cleaned regularly can end up with black mould and bacteria build up. I have a process on cleaning my machine that is super simple and chemical free. With the amount of washing I do I like to conduct this clean once a month. Necessary in my household) I start by puling out my detergent dispensing tray and place it in warm soapy water (dishwashing liquid is fine). I use an old dish brush to give it a good scrub then let it soak. Alternatively you can put these in the top rack of the dishwasher, but I personally have never tried this. I then use the same brush or an old tooth brush with washing up liquid or white vinegar to thoroughly clean the drawer area. You will be shocked at what you find! Once this is clean and dry I place the drawer back in. Then add 1/2 a cup of white vinegar directly into the drum (as well as a few drops of essential oils if you like) and 3 tablespoons of bicarb soda into the soap dispensing drawer and run it on a hot cycle. Once this is done wipe around the opening of the machine with a sponge or dish brush and get rid of any marks or built up grime and you're done!

Cleaning The Toilet:

This is a hard one as toilets are gross and contain lots of bacteria, so going chemical free can be a challenge. But be careful as so many cleaning products contain very harmful chemicals that are unsafe for you and your family, so for me its finding a balance. I use Earth products for my toilets as well as Pure Home Body and White Magic. All are great! I toss up my different toilet cleaning routines. Sometimes I will go with the bathroom cleaning product routine where I will use the Earth toilet cleaner in the bowl and spray the entire toilet with and Earth bathroom cleaner and give it a good scrub! Or I will go the bi-carb, white vinegar approach. Where I will pour 1 cup of bi-carb sodas as well as 1 cup of white vinegar into the bowl then let it sit, it will fiz an do its thing. I leave it for about 20-30 minutes then use my toilet brush and give it a good scrub! Either way I finish up with giving the toilet a good spray of the Pure Home Body disinfectant spray, smells amazing and is chemical free. Helpful hint I keep White Magic Eco Clean Toilet ($11.95) behind the toilet brush so I try (if I have time) to give it a clean/brush daily that way it prevents any gross build up. Dettol wipes are also my go to to give the toilet a quick wipe down, another item I store in my bathroom cupboard!

Cleaning the Shower:

Again White Magic comes to the rescue. I use the White Magic Shower Eco Eraser ($10.95) it is phenomenal I can’t recommend it more and again no chemicals! It not only gets rid of stubborn soap scum and grime but water marks too. And all you use is WATER! The tiny fibres can get down into the tiny pits of the surface to dislodge the grime off all hard surfaces such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and melamine. The Shower Eraser is also great for cleaning your bath, vanity and taps. It comes with a suction hook so you can leave it in the shower if you like. I purchase mine from Howards Storage World. As well as the Eco Bathroom Cloth ($10.95) which I use the to wipe down my bathroom counter and sink etc. And again, just add water! As an alternative option I also use the Sabco 3 in 1 spray squeegee washer ($15). It sprays, washes and dries. Simply fill it with water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Wipe your shower door down with the microfibre cloth to get rid of dirt and grime, then use the rubber blade to remove residue for a streak free finish. It is also great for windows! I purchased mine from Woolworths and highly recommend

Cleaning the Bath:

I start by sprinkling a generous amount of bi-carb soda over the bath then spraying it with my white vinegar (homemade spray) It will pop and fizzle I then give it a scrub with a dish brush and leave for 10 minutes.


This is a big thing in my household cause I suffer with Asthma, and my sons and I all get eczema. I have a few products I swear by. The White Magic Eco Cloth Dust & Polish ($10.95) It is amazing, it removes dust amazingly and also polishes! A win win for my furniture and bench tops. I also love the Sabco Dusting Glove. You just wear it on your hand and dust away. It is great for dusting furniture and getting to those hard to reach places. ($6.95) As far as the skirting boards go and hard to reach places I use the Kmart bamboo duster it is super cheap ($3) and works so well!

Clean Your Green Wheelie Bin:

Lets face it no one likes or wants to do this. They are dirty smelly and just gross! The best way to manage these is to try and keep them as clean as possible in the first place. Make sure your garbage bags are sealed and no holes etc. If they do get dirty and smelly my go to is White King toilet cleaner. First I will hose them out then cover all the sides with toilet cleaner. Give it a good scrub with an outdoor broom and let it sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes rinse it out with the hose using the high pressure function.

Clearing Cobwebs:

Anyone that knows me knows that I am petrified of spiders. I absolutely hate them. Especially since I have had kids I am always checking the outdoor area and their cubby to make sure it is safe. For some reason we tend to get a lot of cobwebs all over our house. But I have found a solution. An extendable cobweb brush!!! I found this baby at Bunnings it has a narrow bristled broom head with angled bristles for tight corners. It also has a long iron pole handle for reaching high ceilings and skirting boards, a-mazing! and super cheap. ($10.10)


So as far as cleaning products go I do have them scattered through my house for convenience. Under the kitchen sink I store my kitchen cleaning products so stove cleaner, dishwashing tablets etc. And in the laundry I store the majority of my cleaning products (and product replen) for the bathroom, laundry and floor etc. Something I have found very useful since moving to a double story home is having a master bathroom cleaning kit and an mini upstairs cleaning kit.

Upstairs Cleaning Kit:

Small Scented Garbage Bags

No VAC Carpet Sanitiser

Earth Multi Purpose Cleaner

Earth Bathroom Cleaner

Earth Toilet Cleaner

White Magic General Purpose Cloth

Aroma Linen Spray (Adairs)

Master Bathroom Cleaning Kit:

White Magic Eco Clean Bathroom

White Magic Eco Cloth Bathroom

Dettol Wipes

Glen 20

I really am not a fan of harsh chemicals but at the same time sometimes they are necessary and effective. Once a month I give my shower a good clean with Ease Off Bam. Yes its not ideal but once a month isn't going to hurt anyone, and its going to give the shower a really good clean. I spray the entire shower with Ease off Bam Power cleaner and give it a good scrub with a dish brush. I then let it sit for 10 minutes and use my hand held shower head with hot water to rinse it off. Make sure you wear gloves when you are using this product.



I love silk flowers and have quite a few vases of them in my home I cannot be bothered to fill 4-6 vases in my home weekly with fresh flowers that eventually die and have to be cleaned out. Hassle much? I love fresh flowers don’t get me wrong but I love silk flowers too. So my trick? I use linen spray to spritz them to leave them smelling super fresh. In saying all this invest in good silk flowers. Pay the extra money. Cheap flowers look terrible and think of how much money you are saving in the long run. I use the Aroma Fresh linen spray from Adairs ($8.39)


Whenever I put new bin bags in a sprinkle some bi-carb soda in to conceal any bin smells. My bins are in a drawer so I also leave a small tub in the drawer as well. Works amazingly!


I have a system to clean a smelly drain I can’t stand a smelly drain it is one of my pet hates! Again I use one of my cleaning BFF’S bi-carb soda! I do this once a week that way I avoid odour build up. If need be I will do it more often just depends on what I cook etc.

What You Will Need:

o 1 Cup of Bi-carb Soda

o ½ Cup of White Vinegar

o 1 tbs Citric Acid

o Boiling Water

o 1 Cup of Lemon Juice

1. Place 1 cup of bi-carb soda and 1 tbs of citric acid into the drain and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

2. Pour ½ of white vinegar down, it will fizzle, how fun! Followed by 1 cup of lemon juice (optional) Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. The fizzing will eventually stop.

3. Finally boil the kettle and pour boiling water down the drain and you are done!


Who doesn’t love a shiny sink? Again everyone’s sinks are made from different materials so please check before you use my methods, as they may not be suitable for what you have.

What You Will Need:

o Dish Washing Liquid

o 1 cup of White Vinegar

o A Dish Brush

o Lemon Peel

o Paper Towel

o Bi-carb Soda

1. First empty your sink of any food or scraps

2. Sprinkle the sink with bi-carb soda

3. Use your Dish brush and give the sink a good scrub, go around all the edges etc (no water)

4. Then add 1 cup of white vinegar (it will bubble and fizz) give it another good scrub!

5. Plug the sink and pour dish washing liquid into the sink (a generous amount) I use the brand Organic Choice or Earth

6. Then boil the kettle and pour two lots of water into the drain.

7. While the kettle is boiling a second time use the dish brush and give the sink and tap handle a good scrub.

8. Pour your second lot of water in and let it sit for 1 hour.

9. After you have let it sit and washed away all the suds use a lemon peel to wipe the entire sink to leave it smelling fresh, leave for 5 minutes

10. Finally use some paper towel to wipe it down and done!

Tip: I do this at nighttime when the kids are asleep so no one will be using the sink.


I bet your guessing what I use? That’s right my cleaning BFF, bi-carb soda! It really is magic works so well so cheap and chemical free. Does it get better? So here is what I do. I don’t do this often as I would like as I am time poor but sometimes your mattress really needs a freshen up. I use the bi-carb in the container with the sprinkle option (below) and sprinkle the entire mattress with it. Let it sit for 4 hours so it works its magic eliminating any odours. Then vacuum up and done! It is literally that easy and simple.


This is something that I discovered one day when I was cleaning the lint off a coat and spotted a huge gross built up of dust on my bedside table lamp shade. SO I thought why not? I began using the lint brush to clean the shade and it worked amazing! As an asthmatic dust a a big no no for me!


So bi-carb works amazingly to absorb smelly bin odours. So why not use it on smelly shoes? There is no need to buy fancy foot odour sprays when you own bi-carb! Just sprinkle some in your shoes and keep it there until you wear them next. Either tap it out into the bin or use a handheld vacuum.


I prefer not to use dryer sheets as they aren't ideal for asthma or eczema and do have lots of nasties. So I buy dryer balls and add a fresh drops of eucalyptus oil. My laundry really does come out smelling super fresh and static free! I purchased mine from The Clean Collective


I was so excited when I discovered this. I was doing my usual nightly online product browse and came across this track-buster brush from Bunnings. The next day it was mine for an insane price of ($4.95) It is amazing for cleaning window and door tracks, corners and crevices. I usually brush the gunk into a pile then hoover it up!


Lately I have been doing sooo much experimenting with bi-carb soda. I am amazed by the countless cleaning options it has to offer. Just by adding 1 cup of bi-carb soda to your load will leave both colours and whites brighter! Use in conjunction with your regularly washing liquid.


I have previously mentioned a few carpet cleaning products I use for cleaning/sanitising my rugs and carpets. However if your looking for a more natural chemical free approach. Sprinkle a generous amount of bi-carb soda all over your rug (I recommend the bi-carb in the container displayed below with the sprinkle option) Leave for 15 to 25 minutes then vacuum it up! It works really well for eliminating odours.


These are magic, literally! As a mum they come in great when your child decides to create .a Picasso on your wall or kitchen bench. I haven't found a mark or stain they cant handle and believe me when I say, there has been black texta all over our walls at one point. They are amazing for so many other things, not just removing crayons. They remove stubborn stains just by adding water and are chemical free. Perfect for cleaning toilets, bath tubs, kitchen counters, tea stains etc


I love a nice clean chopping board. I recently had an incident of mould build up in my chopping board drawer and through the lot out. As a busy mum I do things too quick sometimes and was putting my chopping boards back in the drawer without drying them properly, hence the mould. But a great way to give them a good clean is super simple lemon & salt. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it all over the board. Then sprinkle the board with a rough form of salt (I use SAXA cooking salt) scrub it into the board using the lemon half. I usually leave it for a few minutes then rinse it with warm water and give it a good dry.



Pure Home Body Multi Purpose Spray

White Magic Eco Clean Oven & Cook Top

Organic Choice Multi Purpose

White Magic Eco Clean Stainless Steel

White Magic Eco Clean Window

White Magic Eco Cloth Kitchen


Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover.

Vanish Preen Carpet Foam

No Vac Sanitiser


Hoover Steam Mop $249

Hoover Ultra Performer Stickvac $249

Dyson Barrel Vacuum $899

Koh Mop $130


Earth Fabric Softener

Omo Sensitive Pods

Softly Delicates & Wool Wash

Vanish Gold (Napi San)

Lemon Koh Essential Oil

Homemade Dryer Balls

Canesten Anti Fungal Rinse


White Magic Eco Clean Bathroom

White Magic Shower Eraser

White Magic Eco Clean Toilet

Earth Toilet Cleaner

Pure Home Body Disinfectant

Earth Bathroom Spray


SAXA Cooking Salt

Bi-carb Soda

White Vinegar

White Magic Eraser

Milton Spray

Euky Bear Room Spray

Glen 20

Lime & Coconut Organic Linen Spray

Aroma Wash Linen Spray (Adairs)

Dettol Cleaning Wipes

Eucalyptus Oil


Koh Lemon Essential Oil


White Magic Eco Cloth Stainless Steel

White Magic Eco Cloth Bathroom

Shower Eraser Refills

Koh Cleaning Cloths & Universal Spray

Sabco Lint Buddy with Brush

Sabco Bathroom Shine Glove

White Magic Eco Cloth Kitchen

Dish Brush

White Magic Eco Cloth Glass & Window

Sabco Dusting Glove

Dettol Cleaning Wipes

White Magic Eco Cloth Dust & Polish

White Magic Eco General Purpose Cloth

Morgan Angle Cobweb Extension Broom

Oates Track-buster

Sabco 3 in 1 Spray Squeegee

Sabco Micro Fibre Cloths

I use the clear white Magic Hooks to store my kitchen cleaning cloths. I have used my dymo label maker to create a label so I know which is which. I know I'm crazy, but you love it! I have done the same thing in the laundry with hanging my cleaning cloths and Koh mop pads. I love this as it gives them a chance to dry and I can just grab them super easily when I need them! Remember cleaning cloths are the perfect home for bacteria to breed so what I love about the White Magic Eco cloths is that they are all machine washable for up to 500 washes. I just use standard OMO laundry liquid to wash them. As far as the Koh mop pads go, I wash them in the washing machine and hang them up to dry.

* As far as the soap dispensing dish brush goes. You would have seen me use these for a lot of things I love them! You can either have one for every purpose ie cleaning the washing machine, dishes, scrubbing the sink etc and just replace the brush. Or you can have a few for their individual purposes. I personally prefer having a few that way I am not constantly replacing and wasting the brushes. Mark them with permanent marker or (a label) so you know which one is which.



*the labels on all my cleaning tubs and under the sink etc are Little Label Co. They are the fridge/food storage labels and font 13.

Use my code NATASHA10 for 10% off Little Label Co (labels only) and start labelling, its addictive and so much fun!


I have been creating lists and schedules for as long as I can remember. I remember my diary at school was full of checklists and plans to achieve goals. Now that I'm a mum of two my life has changed and its more important then ever to be organised in every aspect of my life. I have created a schedule I follow every week to create an easy and manageable way to maintain my home. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with housework, for loads of washing and dishes to pile up and dust to accumulate. But by following my schedule I am able to keep on top of what needs to be done in my home. In saying this every week is never the same and every house hold is different but I find it is a great guide to follow. I have broken down all the jobs that need to be done over a 7 day period that way it is achievable. Have all your cleaning supplies ready and in organised places so you don't waste time looking for things and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. I hope this helps you to keep on top of your housework!

Daily Morning Tasks:

  • Unload the Dishwasher

  • Do a Load of Laundry

  • Make the Beds

  • Briefly Tidy the Bedrooms

Daily Evening Tasks:

  • Load the Dishwasher

  • Tidy the Kids Toys

  • Vacuum and Spot Mop

  • Take the Rubbish Out (if needed) Jett's Job

  • Disinfect Sink

  • Folding (if there is any)

MONDAY: (fortnightly I have a cleaner on a Monday)

  • Vacuum & Mop Downstairs & Upstairs

  • Dust Skirting boards (do before vacuuming)

  • Vacuum Sofa

  • Vacuum and Spray Upstairs Rug

  • Change the Sheets


  • Dust Furniture

  • Wipe Down Household Mirrors

  • Dust Skirting Boards

  • Spray all Silk Flowers with Linen Spray

  • Declutter Benches and Desk


  • Clean the Stove Top

  • Wash the Kitchen Sink

  • Wipe Down Kitchen Appliances

  • Thoroughly Scrub Kitchen Benches & Cupboards

  • Clean the Toaster

  • Wipe Down Kitchen Splash Back


  • Tidy Wardrobes (I make sure everything is in category & style)

  • Tidy Bedside Tables

  • Vacuum and Spray Dining Table Rug

  • Vacuum and Spray Foyer Rug

  • Go through Mail and File Accordingly


  • Wash Towels and Bath Mats

  • Wash all Sheets

  • Scrub & Disinfect Toilets

  • Clean Showers & Baths

  • Wipe Down Bathroom Benches


  • Meal Plan for the Following Week

  • Order Groceries (I use Woolworths online)

  • Clean out the Fridge

  • RELAX!


  • Unpack Groceries

  • Chop Fruit & Veggies

  • Prep Snacks

  • Glen 20 House


  • Clean the Microwave (depending on when there is an explosion)

  • Clean the Dishwasher (once a fortnight)

  • Deep Clean the Fridge (once a fortnight)

  • Freshen the Mattress (once every 3 - 6 months)

  • Wash Windows (once every 6 months to a year)

  • Refold Linen Cupboard (once every 2 months)

  • Clean Out Dryer Lint (I clean out and vacuum mine twice a week)

  • Clean Kitchen Drain (once a week)

  • Milton Kids Toys (once a month)

  • Sweep Outside (depending on the weather)

  • Deep Clean the Oven (once every 3 - 6 months)

  • Clean the Washing Machine (once a month)

  • Wipe Down Ceiling Light Fixtures (once every 2 months)

  • Clean & Disinfect Kitchen Bin (once every two weeks)

  • Lint Lampshades (once a fortnight)

  • Wipe Down Railing on Stairs (once a fortnight)

TIP: I use a KiKi K daily planner that has a spot for time allocation so I write down how long each task will take. Somedays I will do extra tasks then what I have allocated myself, some days I will do less. There are no rules, do what suits! My schedule is just a guide remember that!

*I have only just started using the Koh products. So far I have only been using the mop and I absolutely love it. It is great for spot mopping, especially around where the kids eat, under the high chair and the kitchen. I have not used the product on enough places/surfaces to have a proper opinion yet. So once I do, I will be updating my blog, and sharing my opinions with you guys.

Tash x


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