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Updated: May 6, 2019

Before you organise any space you need to do a big clean out. Cull what you don't wear! If you haven't worn it in a year the chances are your not going too. Before I had kids I was heavily into fashion and collected some gorgeous pieces over the years and as a result I had built up quite an impressive wardrobe. While I was pregnant with Cruz I was so unwell that I didn't realise the cleaner I had at the time was stealing from me. I noticed pieces were going missing. I didn't think much until big ticket items were disappearing, with no proof what can you do? It took me time, I was devastated but I am over it now. As I have bigger and more exciting things in my life. In fact my walk-in wardrobe was the last thing to organise in my new home. Before kids it would have been my number one priority. But now things like my kids wardrobes, their play area and bedrooms are much more fun! I have done a previous post on my wardrobe in the past, however we have moved and I have a completely different set up now. So here is my wardrobe!

As far as hangers go I am currently using black velvet hangers I purchased from but I am in the process of changing over to clear plastic as they collect huge amounts of dust and affects my asthma. I find it really handy having the ottoman in my walk-in so I can sit down to put my shoes on.

*ottoman is ikea

I have categorised my hanging space into 4 sections:

  1. T-shirts, Singlets & Shirts

  2. Jeans, Shorts, Dresses & Jumpsuits

  3. Jumpers and Knitwear

  4. Jackets and Vests

At the back of the closet on the left side I have long skirts, pants, dresses etc. Underneath I have slotted in a few shoe boxes. On the back right side I have coats, my fancy dresses that are protected in garment bags and Jett's suits. I have also stacked shoe boxes down the side. Originally I had my shoes lined up under the first rack but I couldn't see them and found it impractical.


1st Drawer - Undies & Ankle Socks

2nd Drawer - Bras & Socks

I used the BESTA grey drawer divider from Ikea to store my bras, undies and socks.

Pajamas & Trackpants

Gym tights, gym shorts, top and sports bras.

Accessories & Hand Bags:

So this is the funnest part. It is so important to me for everything to be organised but I still love it to be aesthetically pleasing. In this section of my wardrobe I have three shelves and 4 drawers. The shelves and one drawer house my accessories and the rest I have my pjs, undies socks etc the boring stuff..... I have stored some of my hand bags and clutches in Kmart tubs (the same ones in my pantry) I love that they are clear and that I can see everything.

In my top drawer I store all my sunglasses, belts and jewellery that I prefer to keep in their boxes. On the very top shelf I keep handbags that I display without folding to maintain their shape.

I store my perfumes on a gorgeous marble tray from Adairs

My wallets and coin purses are stored in the narrow clear drawers between the tubs with my clutches. All are from Kmart.

The shelves and drawers in the centre are home to hats and denim. I have stacked wide brim hats on the left and caps on the right, I do love my hats. I find this way of folding my denim really practical and aesthetically pleasing. I also hang a lot of denim and pants.


Our closet is great but as far as shoe storage goes its not ideal. I have used a section of Jett's side to store half my shoes and the others I have scattered in different sections in our closet. I just recently discovered the Bees Knees shoe boxes from the reject shop of all places! My life will never be the same, they are amazing! They are really good quality, easy to assemble and they come in two different sizes. So they fit both mens and womens shoes.

Womens Shoe Boxes $7

Mens Shoe Boxes $8

I have used the back right corner to store all my black boots and the left corner to store any cream/tan boots, as they are too tall for the Bees Knees shoe boxes.

The shoe boxes for men are very generous in size. Jett has a size 13 foot and all his shoes fit perfectly. (I need to get some more boxes for Jett, just haven't had the time)

Tash x


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