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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

I have a whole lot of cleaning products in my home. But there are a few I use more regularly then others and cannot live without.


1. Organic Choice Linen Spray - I use this for everything. From spraying my sheets towels and furniture to all my faux flowers. I cannot live without it. Such a gorgeous smelling spray and

2. Bi-carb soda - It is cheap, super effective and can be used to clean so many things. You all know I cant live without my bi-carb. From cooking a cake to brightening laundry, and absorbing odours to removing stains and cleaning your dishwasher. It really is the ultimate product.

3. White Magic Eco Eraser - What is better then just adding water to a sponge that can take something as texta and crayon off a wall? I cannot live without these. Perfect for those stubborn tea stains and giving your white kitchen bench a freshen up.

4. Vanish Napi San & Spray - I consider them both one item. If you have kids you will know why I cannot live without these! They remove even the most stubborn stains from clothes and leave them brighter and fresher

5. Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover - This stuff is literally magic for carpets and furniture! I deal with stains on a daily basis and this is always my go to!

6. White Magic Window & Glass Spray - Throw out the windex this stuff is gold! And to top it off, its chemical free and safe for asthmatics. Does it get much better?

7. White Vinegar - White vinegar is a natural disinfection. It is the perfect chemical free way to clean so many things in your home. From descaling and removing stains in containers to cleaning the toilets and the microwave. It really has so many uses on its own and combined with bi-carb.

8. Organic Choice Multi Spray - The reason I love this is cause its Organic and chemical free. So for an overall cleaning spray its perfect. I use it everywhere from cleaning my kitchen benches to the kids high chairs and play mats. It smells gorgeous, is food service friendly and suitable for use on surfaces including granite, stone & marble.

9. Dettol Glen 20 - I don't know what home that can function without Glen 20. The ultimate disinfectant spray that protects your family by killing and preventing the spread of germs. There is no better feeling then after giving the house a good clean. Opening the doors and spraying the house with Glen 20. It leaves your home feeling fresh and germ free!

10. Earth Toilet Cleaner - I love the Earth product range they have fantastic products and I use a lot of them. I love that they do the job well without all the nasties. It is plant based, grey water & septic safe, with no petrochemical cleansers.

I do my best to try and keep my home as chemical free as possible but honestly I believe it is impossible. Sometimes certain products are just necessary. But as long as I am doing my best to reduce the amount of chemicals in my home and find alternative options when I can. I cant do much more then that!

Tash x


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