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Updated: May 25, 2019

This is my favourite cupboard in my house, for so many reasons. Sometimes I just stare at how organised and pretty it looks, I know I'm a freak! It is probably the most accessed cupboard in our house as it is home to many every day essentials. We use our 4th bedroom as a guest room. Which means we have no office, so I have used this cupboard to store items I would normally store in an office, in here. All the labels used on the containers are Little Label Co

Use my code NATASHA10 for 10% off Little Label Co (labels only)

Top Shelf:

At the top I keep our Memories and Keepsake box this is where I store special birthday cards, special mementos and memories our family has collected over the years. This shelf is also home to our Electronics box and a Misc. box which I store random items in it that don't qualify for their own.

  • Memories & Keepsakes

  • Electronics

  • Misc.

Second Shelf:

  • Important Documents - this is a clear carry case from Office Works where I store our important family documents. Birth certificates, medical, tax returns football contracts etc I have used suspension files to divide everything and my Dymo label maker, to label the tabs.

  • Receipts Folder - I got this from Kiki K

  • Manuals - They are stored in office works acrylic clear magazine holders.

  • Warranties- These are also stored in office works acrylic clear magazine holders.

  • Screwdrivers - I have used clear stackable containers from Kmart

  • Small Painting Kit - The same as the screw drivers

  • Compartment Organisers - I have an 8 compartment box and a 12. In these I store the following: both are from Bunnings

Nails & Screws


Mini Screwdrivers

Safety Pins

Command Hooks

Allen Keys

Tape Measure


International Adaptors

Third Shelf:

This is where I store the kids stationary. I used to have a different system but it was too on display for Cruz. He would stand outside the cupboard waiting for me to give him his crayons and pencils. He would then use them to create artwork on my walls, floors and furniture. This new system everything is much more concealed. I am currently storing the kids crayons and pencils etc in the Ikea "Sunnersta" containers. I am in the process of creating an art craft using the "Raskog" trolley and these containers, that way I can wheel it unto the cupboard under the stairs (completely out of site) But I currently have them sitting in the cupboard on their own at the moment.

On the left hand side I have stored office supples and stationary in Kmart $10) and Bunnings ($10) double drawers. The categories are:

  • Misc.

  • Chargers & Chords

  • Stamps

  • Labels

  • Envelopes

  • Paper

On the right side I have used boxes from the Ikea KUGGIS series to store my:

  • Sewing Kit

  • Folders - I stock up on folders and document wallets, cause you never know when you will be in need of one.

  • Stationary - This is where I keep all our pens, highlighters, staples etc

  • Greeting Cards - I like to stock up so I am always prepared for a birthday or special occasion.

As well as the Bunnings double drawers for:

  • Flash Cards

  • Kids Colouring Books

Fourth Shelf:

  • Board Games - These are stored in the Ikea KUGGIS box.

  • The Boys Blue Books - I have these in a clear Kmart plastic storage box also great for storing large kids puzzles ($10)

  • Craft & Kids Painting - I have used the Kmart craft box's ($5) to store both craft and the kids painting accessories. Our painting kit includes a painting smock, paint brushes, paint palette, stamps and kids crayola paints.

  • On the left I have the MALA drawing paper roll from Ikea ($14.99 This has been fantastic, I cannot recommend it more. It is so perfect for the kids painting and drawing.

*the paper is sold separately ($6)

Bottom Shelf:

  • Toy Containers - I store the toys with multiple pieces or large quantities in the Kmart pantry roller storers ($10) I love this system, not only is it aesthetically pleasing but very practical. They are labeled with Little Label Co Labels font 7.

So an activities cupboard full of paints, textas and crayons is a toddlers dream come true. Cruz stands at the cupboard constantly requesting. I prefer to have supervised drawing time as he tends to drawer on our furniture, the floor and the walls. In this case a white magic eraser is my best friend. If you don't have one, get one! It literally is magic. It erases stubborn marks from any flat sealed surface, without any harsh chemicals. Just add water and you are good to go!

Use my code NATASHA10 for 10% off Little Label Co (labels only) and start labelling, its addictive and so much fun!

Tash x


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