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Updated: May 23, 2019

Firstly before you organise it check expiration dates, just recently while I was sorting through our medicines I found products from 2013! You don't want to be sorting expired products so take it all out, look through it and get rid of it. For all medications that you don't want there is a service for disposing them. The RUM (Return Unwanted Medicines) project safely discards unwanted, unlabelled or out of date medication. Just drop it in at your chemist and they will take care of it for you. I find this service fantastic as unsafe disposal of medication can lead to environmental damage. I have attached the link here for more info:

I have organised all my household medicine in clear tubs from Kmart and labeled them accordingly using labels from Little Label Co. My tubs are categorised into the following based on my household needs.

  • Kids Medicine

  • Medicine

  • Vitamins

  • Sunscreens & Repellants

  • Scripts

This is what works best for my family but every household is different. I have the medicine tubs stored in my butlers pantry on the second top shelf so everything is completely out of reach for my kids. Below I have created a list of what I believe are the essentials for your medicine cupboard. When you have an organised medicine cupboard finding your families medications is quick and easy. I also store a First Aid kit upstairs in my home.

Labels are (font 7) Use my code NATASHA10 for 10% off (labels only)

*This is the first aid kit/tin I keep in the upstairs cupboard

Tash x


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