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Who doesn’t love a shiny sink? Again everyone’s sinks are made from different materials so please check before you use my methods, as they may not be suitable for what you have.

What You Will Need:

o Dish Washing Liquid

o 1 cup of White Vinegar

o A Dish Brush

o Paper Towel

o Bi-carb Soda

o Lemon Peel

  1. First empty your sink of any food or scraps

  2. Sprinkle the sink with bi-carb soda

  3. Use your Dish brush and give the sink a good scrub, go around all the edges etc (no water)

  4. Then add 1 cup of white vinegar (it will bubble and fizz) give it another good scrub!

  5. Plug the sink and pour dish washing liquid into the sink (a generous amount) I use the brand Organic Choice or Earth

  6. Then boil the kettle and pour two lots of water into the drain.

  7. While the kettle is boiling a second time use the dish brush and give the sink and tap handle a good scrub.

  8. Pour your second lot of water in and let it sit for 1 hour.

  9. After you have let it sit and washed away all the suds use a lemon peel to wipe the entire sink to leave it smelling fresh, leave for 5 minute

  10. Finally use some paper towel to wipe it down and done!

Tip: I do this at nighttime when the kids are asleep so no one will be using the sink.

Tash x


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