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Firstly I start by removing everything in the fridge and throwing out any expired food. I then rinse all my containers by filling the sink with warm water and dishwashing soap and leaving them to soak before wiping and rinsing while I tackle the rest. I start by spraying the Organic Multi Purpose ($5.50) cleaner all through the fridge I give the entire fridge a generous spray and a good thorough wipe down with a Sabco microfibre cloth. I then spray the entire fridge down with Pure Home Body disinfectant spray ($25) and leave for 5 minutes. I don't like to leave it on for too long as I don't like to leave the food out of the fridge. After the 5 minutes I wipe down with paper towel leaving it super fresh and smelling great! Before I place the food back in the fridge I pop a small container of bi-carb soda at the back on the bottom shelf to absorb any strong odours that may arise. If I want tot step it up a notch I will take out all the shelves and drawers. Give them a good scrub with dishwashing liquid and hose them down.

I have also just started using the White Magic blue apple produce freshness extenders in my fridge. They absorb ethylene gas emitted from fruits and veggies and can extend the life of veggies and fruit for up to 3 times longer and are organic! So far they have been amazing. I keep one in my veggie drawer and one in my fruit drawer. Mine were gifted to me by White Magic but you can purchase these babies at Howards Storage World ($14.95)

Tash x


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