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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

So as far as cleaning products go I do have them scattered through my house for convenience. Under the kitchen sink I store my kitchen cleaning products so my stove cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, dishwashing tablets etc. And in the laundry I store the majority of my cleaning products (and product replen) for the bathroom, laundry and floor etc. Something I have found very useful since moving into a double story home is having a master bathroom cleaning kit and a mini upstairs cleaning kit. This saves me running up and downstairs constantly so having a few essentials nearby is a must.


Upstairs Cleaning Kit:

Small Scented Garbage Bags

No VAC Carpet Sanitiser

Earth Multi Purpose Cleaner

Earth Bathroom Cleaner

Earth Toilet Cleaner

White Magic General Purpose Cloth

Organic Choice Linen and Air Freshener

Koh Universal Spray

Master Bathroom Cleaning Kit:

White Magic Eco Clean Bathroom

White Magic Eco Cloth Bathroom

Dettol WipesGlen 20

Tash x


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