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About Me
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Hey, my name is Natasha Schmarr and I am a 28 year old mamma of two currently living in Sydney. I was born and raised in Sydney and later moved to the Gold Coast with my family and am the eldest of four children. I have a new passion in life and that is the greatest gift of all motherhood. I am currently living in Sydney with my two beautiful baby boys Cruz and Hudson, and my amazing fiance Jett. I am known for my obsession with organising and sorting as well as my crazy shopping addiction. I cannot resist a new hand bag, a pair of sneakers or sunglasses! No matter where I am in the world I will manage to shop and find an incredible piece!

​My blog is devoted to my strong love for organisation, cleaning, fashion, been a mother and style.  I have dedicated my blog to inspire women who have a love for fashion and homewares but also want to get on top of the clutter in their home. As well of plenty of tips and tricks on tackling and embracing motherhood. I keep my readers informed on great baby products, recipes for you and your family, cleaning tips, the best way to organise spaces in your home and where to purchase great storage options. I am obsessed with organising and labelling and after reading my blogs you may be too! Im an excessive list writer and planner and when my home is in order I feel a sense of peace. I will not share with you what I don't believe in nor will I assist you with areas in your life that I am useless in, like budgeting or saving. I am going to be extremely honest with my readers, especially when it comes to mental health. Some of my blogs may shock you, some will excite you, hopefully all of them will interest you! I hope that what I write appeals to my readers and that I can somehow help and motivate too. 

You may think I am extreme and crazy at times but I can assure you that I am not. In the words of Sheldon Cooper.

"I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested." 

 Tash x

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